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Image: Hope Africa Christmas School Shoes November 2018 Campaign

St Paul’s Primary School in the critically disadvantaged area of Faure near Cape Town, has been teaching and nurturing local children for 100 years. But sadly, many of them don't have school shoes. This is their story. #ShoesForSmiles   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Videos, Youth
Image: Mamelani's #ProSeed Programme participants for Swiss Conference Waydene and Carly selected to represent Mamelani at the #Alternativecare2016 conference in Geneva, Switzerland

Incase you missed this....Two of Mamelani's #ProSeed Programme participants, Waydene and Carly were selected to represent Mamelani at the #Alternativecare2016 conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Read more about the conference.... http://www.alternativecaregeneva2016.com/index.php/en/    ........   Read More...

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Image: Meet MAX  ...... - A Skills Development Project intern, working in the “Friendly Shop"

Friends of Valkenberg run various recovery groups with the intention not only of teaching life skills, but also helping people into meaningful employment to end the cycle of poverty which often contributes to relapse. 


Employment, Videos
Image: PURPLE COW VENTURES - Sustainability & Social Impact

Venture-based non-profit organisation raising funds for Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) charities and fundraiser s, We are a registered NPC 2013/015719/08 www.purplecowventures.co.za   Read More...

Image: HIGHLIGHTS  :  Trialogue CSI Conference 2015


We look forward to welcoming you in 2016 !



View the highlights from the Trialogue CSI Conference 2015   - 


Social & Community, Videos
Image: Sozo Partners with Animation Studio to present The Sozo Story

The Sozo Foundation recently partnered with local animation studio, Studio Bolland, to help tell Sozo’s story through animation.

The 3-minute video introduces viewers to Vrygrond, a little-known township near Muizenberg, Cape Town, expands on the social development needs within the community, and shares how the Sozo Foundation are working to see transformation in the area.   Read More...

Social & Community, Videos
Image: Project Playground - Mapanya Sogoni TEDx Talk

Mapanya Sogoni, manager at Project Playground Langa, speaks at UniTED, a TEDx conference at University of Cape Town, South Africa, April 25th 2015.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Social & Community, Videos
Image: "That Wave" : Waves For Change Up to 20% of young South Africans are effected by Post Traumatic Stress

Up to 20% of young South Africans are effected by Post Traumatic Stress. Waves for Change is pioneering a winning formula of surfing and evidence-based therapy programming which breaks the cycles of violence that keep South Africa's youth from their true potential.
We believe in the power of the Ocean. We want to see surf therapy programmes on every beach around the world. As the J-Bay pro rolls into South Africa, lend us your voice and let's get people talking...

Enjoy the short and we encourage you to share freely on your social networks
Tags associated: #wavesforchange #thatwave #surftherapy @wavesforchange  

Civil Action/Philanthropy, Advocacy , Videos
Image: Activate Exchange - ActivateLeadershipZA

An Exchange is a series of actual events and dialogues that take place throughout the year. They are specifically for those who have graduated from the first year course, and they provide a platform to discuss what young people are doing to create change and what can be done to support them.   Read More...

Image: DreamWorker  - working for the unemployed in South Africa LET’S GET SOUTH AFRICA WORKING!

Our current vision is to get as many people as possible into employment in the Cape Metropole. Our long term vision is to expand the DreamWorker model right across South Africa. We rely entirely on grant funding and donations from satisfied employers and corporate donors. Most importantly, our employees take home every cent they earn – no commission and no charges! Dreaming Big!   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Environment & Bio-diversity, Videos

This video highlights recommendations on how to use your purchasing power to mitigate climate change.   Read More...

CHANGE MAKER, Environment & Bio-diversity, Social & Community, Sustainability, Videos
Image: Interview with Dave Martin, founder of Bulungula Lodge and Incubator Bulungula Lodge and Incubator – 'A catalyst for vibrant and sustainable rural communities'

An incubator was created to develop innovative responses to challenges faced by the community in five areas: basic services, sustainable livelihoods, education, health and nutrition. It represents today more than 200 people that are working directly or indirectly for Bulungula Lodge and Incubator.   Read More...

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Image: GRS GIRLS UNITED GRS Pro Ambassador Christen Press Launches GRS Girls United Campaign

This season Christen is scoring goals for girls by dedicating her goals on the pitch to helping us reach more girls with the transformative SKILLZ Street program. A generous group of donors will be matching funds for every goal Christen scores in 2014, up to $55,000! This means that your donation to the campaign, in any amount, will be doubled!   Read More...

Search Category: Videos
Search Category: Videos

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