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Learning about, and from, Indigenous communities for the common good.

TORONTO, CANADA: CES, a leading provider for Indigenous Tourism Development, today announced its partnership with Open Africa. CES and Open Africa are pursuing opportunities to coordinate Best Practices Missions focused on Indigenous Tourism Development in Southern Africa with the option for a reciprocal exchange in Canada.   Read More...

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Merger of organisations aims to boost SA NPOs.

GreaterGood South Africa will merge its online community - Myggsa.co.za - with GivenGain.com in a bid to consolidate the sector and boost giving to non-profit organisations in South Africa. The aim is to make it much easier for people to activate for real, sustainable change in their communities.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Skills Development
Newly designed kit to help kids with special needs, disabilities.

Uhambo, the Shonaquip Foundation, has recently launched the Ndinogona "I can" stimulation kit for children with special needs and disabilities. The Ndinogona kit is designed to assist caregivers to interact and stimulate children with disabilities, allowing them to play and participate more in daily activities.   Read More...

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Using videos to teach people how to manage their finances.

Social media has become an increasingly popular form of interaction and information sharing amongst people across the world. In realising this opportunity, FNB has launched an educational series on YouTube with a series of videos teaching viewers about fundamental financial principles and their importance.   Read More...

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Anglo American and Rhodes Business School announce unique partnership.

Rhodes Business School and Anglo American are pleased to announce their partnership in the Global Responsible Leadership Initiative (“GRLI”). GRLI is a worldwide network of companies and learning institutions uniquely focused on developing the next generation of globally responsible leaders.   Read More...

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Puma helps Pienaar give something back to his community.

PUMA joined forces with Bafana Bafana captain Steven Pienaar to support his social responsibility cause, the Steven Pienaar Community Tournament, which took place in his old neighbourhood of Westbury over the weekend of June 16 and June 17.   Read More...

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Unique UCLA program teaches social skills and proves effective over long term.

Teenagers with autism spectrum disorder are in a bind. The disorder is characterised by impairments in communication and social interaction, but it is a continuum, so some teens diagnosed with ASD are considered high functioning and healthy enough to be "mainstreamed" in school, writes Mark Wheeler.   Read More...

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High-quality paper from poor communities boosts pride, boosts skills - buy it!

In poverty-stricken rural areas across South Africa, local unskilled people have learned how to craft high-quality paper by hand using the agricultural plants that grow in their provinces. They use the fibres of bananas, pineapples, mielies, river reeds, hemp, sisal, ficus, cotton and grass, along with agricultural and other waste, to make their uniquely South African paper.   Read More...

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Image: Students get the picture - thanks to RamsayMedia Disadvantaged learners eyeing a career in photography

The Learn to Earn graphic design students were treated to a workshop on ‘Taking the perfect picture’ by Getaway editor and travel photographer Cameron Ewart-Smith as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts.   Read More...

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South African unemployed mothers could go into small-scale farming to feed their families.

They could also create jobs and provide food security for their communities under normal circumstances. Women from rural areas make excuses from the demands of family life, claiming these make it impossible for them to focus on their personal and entrepreneurial development. However, Mosele Qhusheka, 46, has dispelled this belief, writes Olwetu Mafutha* in this article republished courtesy of SANGONeT - http://www.ngopulse.org/.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education, Skills Development
Call for entries ahead of Africa’s first IPN Conference.

Rising youth unemployment, gender stereotyping and low up-take of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects are just some of the global challenges facing countries across the world.  With both Europe and America facing increasing economic dilemmas, problems such as unemployment and job creation are no longer confined to the developing world.   Read More...

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… But in a very good way.

A successful South African educational programme that equips teenagers with maritime skills while they are still at school, has been shortlisted for an international award. The Simon's Town-based Lawhill Maritime Studies programme, which was pioneered in the mid-90s, has consistently improved the employment prospects of hundreds of young South Africans leaving school each year.   Read More...

COMPANY NEWS , Skills Development
'The real driver of the 21st century will be women,' says the company.

The Coca-Cola Company recently announced a US$2m, multiyear award to Catalyst Inc to help women worldwide grow and thrive in business. The donation was announced in conjunction with Catalyst's 50th anniversary celebration held this week in New York City.   Read More...

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It makes good sense to retain staff, rather than lose them only to have to hire anew.

The cost of running a business or an NGO in South Africa today is skyrocketing, and it’s the small businesses that are really feeling the pinch. One of the primary reasons for this setback is that small businesses suffer personnel losses more heavily, writes Amy-Jane Louw*.   Read More...

HEADLINES, Skills Development
Ensuring you have better skilled employees make good business sense.

The South African Institute of Race Relations has said that companies invested in South Africa could overcome some of the skills constraints they face by doing more to identify and fund tertiary study opportunities for potential graduate professionals.   Read More...

COMPANY NEWS , Skills Development
Parts retailer donates R60,000 to St Vincent School for the Deaf.

Principal of the St Vincent School for the Deaf, Ingrid Parkin, said, “An enormous project is being undertaken which will take two to three years to complete. We are upgrading the vocational section of the school which caters for our less academically inclined learners.”    Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Skills Development
Equip yourself with the knowledge to help change our world.

WeCanChange is partnering with GCX and Green College Online (http://www.greencollegeonline.com/) to offer all of our readers the chance to win a free interactive and animated online course teaching you everything you need to know about climate change, global warming and what the future holds.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Skills Development
Programme aims to assist NGOs

SANGOTeCH (http://www.sangotech.org/), a programme in partnership with SANGONeT (http://www.sangonet.org.za/) and Techsoup Global (http://www.techsouglobal.org/), aims to assist NGOs by providing software for very low fees in conjunction with ICT donor partners, as well as by supporting NGOs to make the most of their ICT purchases and infrastructure.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Skills Development
Have you booked for the GCX three-day Carbon Footprint Analyst Level 1 Course?

This course, which takes place in Durban from 28 - 30 March 2012, is a hands-on course where learners will be taken through the logical steps required to complete a carbon footprint assessment. On completion, learners will have the skills and knowledge required to complete a small business carbon footprint assessment.   Read More...

COMPANY NEWS , Skills Development
NSRI able to range further thanks to Ford SA.

The South African-built All-New Ford Ranger has played an essential role in the 4x4 driver training for volunteer members of the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) in Port Elizabeth.   Read More...

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