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Additional support needed for science learners in high schools

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The momentum we create by investing in these 21 schools in a consistent, multi-activity & practical manner, helps build a pipeline of future minds

As we enter the 2019 academic year, the stark reality is that the extra tuition often required to achieve good grades in subjects such as science and mathematics is out of reach of most pupils in Cape Town. However, responsible corporate organisations such as Astron Energy (formerly Chevron South Africa) are ensuring much-needed support for these pupils and their schools.

Mr Cyril Goldstone, Head of Physical Science at Bloubergrandt High School is delighted with the results of his school in the recent Matric exams. He enthuses that “the class of 2018 obtained a 97,6% pass rate. 82 of the 84 learners passed and we notched up a whopping 64,3% in Bachelor passes!” Bloubergrandt’s top two achieving learners earned marks of 92% and 88% for Physical Science, respectively.

Goldstone is quick to acknowledge and thank all those that have supported his efforts in the classroom. In particular, Astron Energy, for supporting their school over the past three-years.

The Astron Energy Schools Programme supports 21 schools (10 high schools and 11 primary schools) in the communities surrounding their refinery in Milnerton. Various initiatives are implemented in these schools to boost STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. The programme is implemented by the Cape Town Science Centre and includes after-school tutoring, matric exam preparation, curriculum focused school group visits to the centre, teaching resources and training, assistance with prescribed practical science experiments and science competitions.

“This programme started in 2016 with the aim of providing relevant support to these schools and inspiring learners in our community to want to learn and achieve more! The momentum we are creating by investing in these 21 schools in a consistent, ongoing, multi-activity and practical manner, helps build a pipeline of future inspiring minds”, says Jill Koopman, Head of Policy, Government and Public Affairs at Astron Energy.

“Collaborative partnerships that make these opportunities available to learners is what is urgently needed as we head into yet another challenging academic year. There are increasing learner drop-out rates in physical science and it is imperative to provide support, both within and outside the classroom. The way we teach is as important as what we teach – a hands-on holistic learning experience is consistently proven to be most effective,” says Julie Cleverdon, Director of the Cape Town Science Centre.

For more information on the Astron Energy Schools Programme or the Cape Town Science Centre, please contact Julie Cleverdon on julie@ctsc.org.za or her mobile:  083 276 9501

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