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WeCanChangeOurWorld is an online media & news platform / portal (many to many), to showcase, connect and communicate all social and environmental development, with the view to facilitate and optimize COLLABORATION between the stakeholders: Government, Businesses, NGO's / NPO”s and Service Providers for the GREATER GOOD for everyone in South Africa & the World!

We can be your marketing and public relations partner by:

  • Marketing and promoting your NPO on our portal, newsletter, social media and in all our networking opportunities. We are the GOOD NEWS site—for all the good things that are happening, also appeals fundraising, events, workshops, conferences, jobs and opportunities.
  • Are YOU a Change Maker?—showcase yourself and your good work on our portal.
  • Showcase your organization on our platform with a Profile (mini website), with about us, programmes, services, support, news and contact details for exposure to all the traffic coming to our site.
  • Send regular news, events, success stories, events and activities for our news sections and newsletter. The more proactive you are, the more you will be seen by potential funders.
  • Identifying the stakeholders to get involved: Government, Corporates, Communities, Organizations
  • Educating NGO”s through news about workshops and various service providers
  • Selection of companies/s, / corporate funders, to target

Zanele Njapha, Sustainability Manager, Brandhouse wrote:

“Greetings Sihle, We applaud you on the wonderful work that you do in the community. We received your plea for laptop donations, from Cheryl Harper at WeCanChangeOurWorld. We have 25 laptops (2nd hand) which we would like to donate your organization.”

Jesmina Stemmet from YISS wrote:

"Ms Cheryl Harper is also a valued and trusted member of the YISS board of directors. Below are a few examples of her influence, input and value to YISS."

  • Ackerman Foundation – She opened doors for funding
  • Foschini Group – She arranged funding and partnership agreements
  • Community Chest – Initiated partnership and project support
  • Old Mutual - Initiated opportunities for funding and special projects
  • SETA - Introduced YISS to key players with regards to accreditation opportunities
  • Shoprite – Acquired donations for our Elderly and youth graduation events
  • Cheryl’s website has benefitted YISS in many ways and continues to do so through the generous exposure that YISS is enjoying through her website."

For more about We Can Change Our World - contact Cheryl Harper   :  email Cheryl Harper at cheryl@wecanchange.co.za

We welcome contact with all stakeholder groups with an interest in "We Can Change Our World". 

If you would like to participate in our portal space, please make contact with Cheryl Harper
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