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Image: Here’s the incredible, super human story of Riad Masoet How do you honor a hero who embodied the limitless boundaries of human potential?

A survivor of MS (multiple sclerosis) for 22 years, a brain cancer survivor for 8 years, a disabled crusader for human inclusion, universal access and social justice.   Read More...

Image: Keenan Daniels Programme manager for the Western Cape at The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment

I love creating and developing new ideas, programmes and opportunities for the young people of South Africa. My aim is to create new opportunities that can offer guidance, support and purpose to young people.   Read More...

Image: Ronald Bownes -  Founder of DreamXchange

DreamXchange is an organisation dedicated to helping the unemployed out of poverty through self-employment.

DreamXchange is powered by an internet portal that helps unemployed people find work, tools of the trade and resources to help them on their self-employment journey.   Read More...

Image: Bulelwa Basse - Founder of Lyrical Base Project

Bulelwa Basse is the founder of Lyrical Base Project, a literary and performing arts organisation that promotes the profiles of writers and performing artists from disenfranchised communities in South Africa, through community publishing projects and creates a showcase platform at corporate events, government events and community cultural events.   Read More...

Image: Frank Julie : Consultant - Author - Strategist - Advisor - Facilitator Master of Philosophy in Adult Education and Training (UCT)

Frank Julie is the founder and executive director of YoungPeople@Work and is an organizational development practitioner, activist, consultant, advisor, strategist, facilitator and author (www.nonprofitconsultant.org.za)   Read More...

Image: Bernadette Adams - Society has a habit of reminding ...

I am Bernadette Adams (Phoenix – SA Got Talent 2016). Being an ex-offender is no easy feat. Although I have served my prison term, I found that I was still harshly judged by all and sundry after my release. Society has a habit of reminding an ex-offender constantly of the crimes committed. This is irrespective of having turned a leaf for the better.   Read More...

Image:  Loretta Burgers Joseph New Chairperson of The Wheat Trust (Women’s Hope, Education and Training Trust)

My name is Loretta Burgers Joseph, I grew up in Elsies River on the Cape Flats. I am an Activist with
compassion, spirit, and perseverance to restore socio-economic and political injustices. I am self- driven, I am practical, I am a self-starter and motivated by positive energy. I create my own needs based realities.   Read More...

Image: Anne-Lise Bure Born in East Africa, social activist and adult educator, managing director of The Novalis Ubuntu Institute in Cape Town

With close to 30 years experience working in the sector of Civil Society.  She carries and lives a pioneering visit. The Novalis Ubuntu Institute in Cape Town, South Africa is a non-profit organization committed to acknowledging, honouring and nurturing the unique gifts, talents and inner resources of each individual.   Read More...

Image: Cleon Jordan In 1997 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident which left me paralyzed

The stigma attached to disability, the inaccessible environments, the blatant disregard and exclusion I felt from society made me question my value as a person. But it made me question more than just how much I valued myself.


Image: Avril Hoepner  - a mother of four and grandmother of five The exciting and informative years of my personal development and also an awakening of the strength and power of women in society.

At the age of 50 I found my voice and each day am challenged by the extraordinary ways in which I can influence what I say and do in order to bring about wholeness in the lives of people that I meet.. I am an Executive Director of the Western Cape Blind Association which gave birth to the Light and Healing Centre which provides employment to blind and partially sighted men and women in Aromatherapy Massage. I have learnt so much about myself working amongst the visually impaired and carry these building blocks as I proceed through life.   Read More...

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